What's an eyeJAZZ Video?

eyeJAZZ videos are ABOUT JAZZ: But we don't impose definitions or doctrines -- if you think it's jazz, it is. (YES this includes jazz-hiphop, jazz-alt.rock, jazz-world music, jazz-contemporary composition, etc. etc.)  PLEASE NOTE: eyeJAZZ videos should not be exclusively performance recordings, though they can include brief performance clips. See below for more on this.
eyeJAZZ videos are made with SIMPLE TOOLS: They're shot with low-cost, easy-to-use portable equipment like "pocket" video cameras and cell phones. They're edited with inexpensive software, or are simply short segments or "clips" that don't need to be edited.
eyeJAZZ videos are SHORT:Typically just two-to-three minutes long --almost never a complete jazz performance, usually including some form of news about the music/musician/venue/event.

eyeJAZZ videos areJOURNALISM: They report on or tell a story about some aspect of jazz or the jazz community, often shot "on the scene," produced quickly and distributed immediately. 
eyeJAZZ videos show:
The PEOPLE who PLAY jazz: Musician interviews,rehearsals, backstage even 'at home' scenes. Andwhere musicians have given permissionperformance clips (which should aim to give viewers a taste of the music, rather than being a record of a whole performance.)
The PEOPLE who LISTEN to jazz: Crowd shots, 'vox pop', off-the-cuff critiques, on-the-spot arguments, spontaneous testimonials.
The PEOPLE who SUPPORT jazz: Brief portraits of and thoughts from the folks whomake the jazz world work; servers in jazz clubs, heads of record companies, etc. etc.
The PLACES where jazz is made: Views of bars, lofts, church basements, schools, parks, rehearsal halls, recording studios, living rooms, as well as clubs and concert halls. Overviews of neighborhoods and communities.

One thing eyeJAZZ videos are NOT is "bootleg" recordings-- we respect creators' rights.  Make sure you have the explicit  permission*of all performers before you shoot live performance scenes, and make sure everyone you interview understands that you are recording and plan to distribute their comments.

And let us say it one more time: The aim of this series is NOT to create more jazz performance videos-- those are very important, but don't need any encouragement from us!  eyeJAZZ videos should show the CONTEXT in which jazz is created AND listened to.

*record the permission, or get it in writing.

If you've made a video that fits these criteria, please share it on our FACEBOOK PAGE.  "Like" our Facebook page, then make a post on the page with a link to your video from your own YouTube, Qik or other online account, or upload your video directly to the page.

  •  Any video you post or link to MUST be your own work. This is not the place to share classics or cool videos that other people made.  
  • If your video contains performance shots, all performers must have given you explicit permission to record. 

 Videos that, in the judgement of eyeJAZZ organizers, do not meet eyeJAZZ criteria will be deleted. 

The Fine Print: (dull but important-- this is about rights, ours and yours, so please read)

  •  You retain the copyright to any video you share with eyeJAZZ, but by sharing your video with eyeJAZZ you give eyeJAZZ and its funders the right to use and distribute it, in whole or in part and without payment to you. This right means we can use your video on any eyeJAZZ website and in any eyeJAZZ video project and you also give our funders, the MidAtlantic Arts Foundation and the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation permission to use your clip in any form for program evaluation and promotion.
  • By sharing your clip with eyeJAZZ, you also assert that you are the creator of the video and have the right to distribute it.
  • By sharing your clip with eyeJAZZ, you also assert that you have obtained all necessary permissions to record performances or interviews. 
MUSICIANS AND OTHER CREATORS: Please notify us (email: eyejazzATjazzjournalistsDOTorg) if you have NOT given permission for your performance to be used in a  video posted on an eyeJAZZ site, or if  you believe an eyeJAZZ video otherwise violates your rights as a creator.