eyeJAZZ Challenges: Do It Yourself jazz video

eyeJAZZ, the video project of the Jazz Journalists Association, has just issued its first "eyeJAZZ Challenge," urging both novice and experienced video makers to shoot brief --one minute or less- video clips and submit them to eyeJAZZ for possible inclusion in a video collage that demonstrates the breadth and variety to be found in the jazz world.

The clips should give an outside view of places --from concert halls and clubs to church halls and gyms, where jazz is heard in the video makers' own community, and the people who are listening.

Details and submission information for eyeJAZZ Challenge One

eyeJAZZ Challenges are designed to be quick and easy to do; they aim to encourage video makers to use cell phones, pocket cameras and other highly portable equipment to make simple jazz videos and share them with the project.